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A long time ago of my highly ego-motivated management work, I purchased myself something special. I went walking into a workplace Depot store eventually and, with a feeling of worthiness and self-deservedness, laid down about $80. to buy myself one of these pens. I'd coveted them within the pockets and in the hands of others for several years - now it had been MY turn! I purchased a few extra (Medium Black) refills, put the part of my shirt pocket and continued my way feeling as if I'd just invested in acknowledging my own success.
Over the ensuing years (nearly 20 of them), I have tried personally this pen nearly daily and while, at first, it seemed a little to heavy and wide, my hand quickly adjusted to it's feel. I merely love it. The refills manufactured for this by Mont Blanc are, incidentally, FAR superior to the second-rung "Fits Mont Blanc" refills available at most office supply stores and therefore are in conjuction with the instrument itself.
But, I am writing this review, mainly to comment on my knowledge about the Warrantee - said (and written) to become "... for the duration of the original owner." I've come across many such warrantees and guarantees in my life and also have adjusted my expectations regarding their fulfillment right down to a level commensurate with my actual experience. The Mont Blanc was the best. Along with its flawless heavy highly polished black resin case, 24-karat gold appointments and amazingly smooth scripting, one should hold and write with it to fully appreciate both its enduring beauty AND functionality.
After about 15 years, something (I was never quite sure precisely what) happened that crushed the lower part of the pen. For any month approximately, it sat during my desk drawer and each time I looked at it, I had been saddened. The, I recalled the warrantee. I looked up Mont Blanc on the internet, found the address and the instructions for returning a broken instrument for warrantee service. (It is all done by the company itself - not, as is so frequently the situation, by local "Authorized Warrantee Service Centers.") I sent the pen in, offering neither evidence of purchase (which I had lost most of the years just before this) along with a look for $35., the then rate to handle, servicing, repairing and giving back the pen. In 2 weeks I had my pen back - to all appearances, completely new!
I was both pleased and astounded. Although I've, in the intervening time, retired from my ambition and returned to line-staff work, I still love and regularly use my Mont Blanc - trusting which should tragedy ever again befall it - the warrantee will still be there.
I also note that the current equivalent of this pen costs something in the selection of $230. Now, that's appreciation. Whoever would have suspected that for any pen?
So, like I advise people once they ask me once the best time is to buy their first home: I only say, "As soon while you can", I additionally advise any lover or serious appreciator of fine pencils to consider the Mont Blanc Ball Point - not just because of it's unequalled quality like a pen - but also due to the continuing honor of a company that assures it's reputation remains upheld and deserved by providing the service they promised at the beginning.

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